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You’re standing in between the library stacks with a new book in your hands. Your thumb flips through the pages.  Sit down in one of those big, germy, lovely faux leather armchairs and spec it out before you check it out.

The deconstructed book-album series, "The Dialectic", continues with the fifth installment, "She Picks it Up & Can't Put it Down".

An album packed with the stories Millaze shares across the internet on social media, SPIU&CPID is dedicated to finding enjoyment & satisfaction in life at all costs, in order to save your life. It follows the loss of her father & recovering from 3 eating disorders - and more.

In the meantime, the lead-up EP "COME ON PICK ME UP" is out now.

how about we start with a truly great night:
the "Bedside Table" Album Release Show
at The Bishop in Bloomington, IN.

& perhaps you'd like to see a show while you're in town?


Blockhouse Tuesdays

@ The Blockhouse Bar, Bloomington, IN

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In the last minute of his life, she promised her father she would be okay, so Millaze writes songs to finish the storylines of memories that are stuck in the dream world inside her mind, Oakland.

Driven by recovery from 3 eating disorders & the related stress that overlapped into losing years of her music career, Millaze goes back in time to save her young selves from heartbreaks that never found closure. It’s a method called “Parts Work”, and she shares these stories behind her songs all over the internet on social media to connect with everyone fighting for their young selves, too. 

Millaze’s journal writes weave into her piano improvisational songwriting process, creating alt-pop that injects eclectic energy into the traditions of piano/singer-songwriting through bass-dropping elements inspired by pop punk, emo, and foley. Her deconstructed-book album series called “The Dialectic" dives hard into the conversation in everyone’s head: debating the grey areas of life when opposite things are true at the same time.

What began in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, developing a “Mountain” music career strategy with her company MIC through international intern classes, collaborating with multi-instrumentalist Andrew Chris, and managing conscious rapper Kellee Maize, turned into social media “Lunch Desserts" in Bloomington, IN where Millaze and her black lab, Schenley, invite you into Oakland.

would you like to see what others are saying about us?

"But while aspects of her work draw parallels with distinguished artists such as the likes of Mitski and Julien Baker, Millaze’s exemplary levels of creativity ensure ‘Front Matter’ is not only inspired by, but also lies on par with some of the genre’s most notable projects."

"In addition to piano streams and art pop works, Millaze also perfectly operates intricate experimentalism."

"Vocal style seems to be a thing of the past far too often, and it’s incredible to hear someone that combines talent with style."

"In the same way that Björk and Kate Bush ran with their avant-garde authenticity, the Oakland-hailing singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is making strides in her own direction. ...With song titles as endearing as Courtney Barnett’s, her unapologetic candour and frankly alchemic melodies, the aural world is at Millaze’s feet. If the Billboard charts were based on ingenuity and distinction alone, we have no doubt that Millaze would be riding high at the top."

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LvF: The Cinematic Album Experience - a film by Tyler AM.
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