You’re standing in between the library stacks with a new book in your hands. You do that thing you like to do, with the book in your left hand, and your right thumb in control, flourishing through all the pages. Is there an introduction, because you’re probably going to skip that. Same goes for a prologue. Well actually, this is interesting, there’s a little sketched map, and that frontispiece, are there going to be a lot of illustrations? When was this written, oh it’s a reissue, why?

Maybe you’ll sit down in one of those big, germy, lovely faux leather armchairs and spec it out before you check it out. Pick a spot near the windows. The winter hardscape is fantastically harsh right now. Also, the steel mills nearby are echoing so loudly across Oakland you can feel it in the pit of your stomach bouncing through the steel front door and down the marble halls. Yes, definitely stop by the downstairs cafe to grab a café miel first, what were you thinking.

The author’s Millaze, and the album is “Front Matter”, the third in the deconstructed book series, “The Dialectic.” Piano singer-songwriter dreamhop takes a full-on indie rock band turn in this industrial factory, carpentry garage, construction zone, power tower mashup album hellbent on making debilitating insomnia a heartbreaking blast and a half.

Get scooped up and away to the factory in the clouds and just let it happen. Front Matter out noweverywhere you listen.